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Rjp buisson
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Rjp buisson
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#1by Rjp buisson » 09.05.2004, 15:21

For those who have interest in 'Coordinate systems' and 'Frames' in Celestia, I developped my first celx script on that subject to complement the documentation on that subject on my site at:

>> ... nteractifs
This script in Lua celx is in 'English style' , and especialy its introduction is written in english (I hope so... :wink: )
Its name is explore_coord.celx

'This updated site is still in French... sorry for you guys...

With all those tools, I found the 'SYNCHRONOUS' mode or 'planetographic' frame quite AWQWARD regarding the choice of its XYZ axes orientation:
1- I dont find it a Direct-3D orientation
2- I dont find it consistent with the Greenwich meridien origine either.
This point of view is explained on the site on page: rectangulaires_sph?riques' under ATTENTION (*2) and (*3)
>> ... tm#figures
The orientation of this frame is shown and explained on page

I would like someone(s) to look at it precisely, and to tell me if you agree or desagree ?!!

Anyway please be free to use and test this script (and your own comprehension of these frames...) and to report any error found in this script! well as on any page of this site...
Celestia coordinates systems dont seem so easy to win over... :?

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#2by don » 09.05.2004, 18:43

Howdy Jpierre,

Wow, that is an impressive script ( It will definately take some time to fully explore it.

Thank you! :D
-Don G.
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