Story of the asteroid sample return mission 'Hayabusa'

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#1by JetCrow » 22.11.2007, 22:36

Please enjoy the whole story of "Hayabusa" missions, listening to jazz music.

Image ... dex_e.html
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#2by Cham » 22.11.2007, 23:05


are you working for the JAXA agency ? If so, is it possible to send us a 3ds model of the probe, so we can place it in Celestia, around our highly detailed model of the Itokawa asteroid ?
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#3by Toti » 23.11.2007, 01:10

Thank you very much. That's an excellent video!

celestrom hayabusa
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#4by celestrom hayabusa » 23.11.2016, 18:59

what addons used you ?

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