NAy update scripts?

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#1by aihaike » 08.01.2017, 10:30

Hey guys,

I'm a Linux user and a new Celstia addicted. I'm wondering whether there is a relatively strait forward way to install and update plugins from
There are so many different objects and different kind of plugins, that's be great to have a tool for this.
Do you guys do it one by one?

Thank you.

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#2by selden » 09.01.2017, 10:18

Properly constructed Addons are installed and work by simply unzipping them into the Extras directory or into a sub-directory there. Any non-generic interactions are supposed to be described in an accompanying "Readme" file.

If you haven't already, please take the time to read the Celestia User's Guide which is available in several languages at

John Van Vliet
John Van Vliet
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#3by John Van Vliet » 09.01.2017, 20:58

most old add ons have not been updated

right now the only ones i am updating are the SPICE ones i posted on celestialmatters

and adding to my hacked version of celestia on github
-- very early work in progress

this builds the last svn push on current linux installs and is QT4 and SPICE centric

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