Celestia 1.7.0 Development will begin soon

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#41by gironde » 16.12.2016, 16:20

Yes, it is good news that the resumption of work on Celestia 1.7

Since version 1.6.1, add-ins have appeared as L.E.T. Or L.U.T. And they made it possible to use Celestia differently.

Internal bugs have to be corrected first, I think:
- display of the names of the nebulae which makes appear a green pad above the model in extra
- the oblivion of a class galaxy in the files ssc which obliges to put them in 'nebula' so that the addons appear.

Great thanks to programmers

A French enthusiast!

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#42by Emma1410 » 26.12.2016, 16:50

Thats good news!!

John Van Vliet
John Van Vliet
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#43by John Van Vliet » 04.01.2017, 01:47

i am assuming that qt4 and 5 will be the dev environment

there for the gtk2/ glut and kde3 code can be removed ?

Alexell M
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Alexell M
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#44by Alexell » 04.01.2017, 12:16

John Van Vliet, maybe.
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#45by Mzbuj » 05.01.2017, 02:25

Celestia for VR, from construction side it is possible I think. Best Regards.

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